Topic of the month: Sarajevo for beginners

Sarajevo ... It is a city that needs to be experienced. It is hard to describe, you need to breathe it in. Narrow alleys, čaršija where every stone has meaning. A city with heart and soul, open, friendly and hospitable people. Baščaršija is the heart of old Sarajevo. Walking through Baščarsija you will enjoy the bits of Ottoman Sarajevo. The construction began in 1462. The golden age was during the 16th century, when it was in this area that 80 trades existed by which they are named, and also streets that are on Baščaršija. Another architectural progress occurred after the Austro-Hungarian occupation in the late 19th century and lasted until the beginning of World War I, in 1914th year. The city was modernized during this period, public transportation system was built and the first telephone line was introduced. Many cultural and educational institutions have been established. The development of Sarajevo was interrupted on 28 June 1914, when Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, triggering a series of unfortunate events that led to the outbreak of the First World War. Next year in Sarajevo will be celebrated 100 years from the Sarajevo assassination.

In 1984, when the city hosted the 14th Winter Olympics, Sarajevo became a modern city with about 500,000 inhabitants. Unfortunately, the Olympic flame smoldered for a short time. Eight years after the Olympics, in 1992, Sarajevo was caught in siege that lasted until the end of 1995. School classes were held in shelters, theatre performances were shown in the basements, and the first edition of the well known Sarajevo Film Festival took place in the besieged city in the summer 1995. How much coffee is important for the people of Sarajevo, you can see by the names the citizens gave to it depending on the situation of its consumption. Krmeljuša, razgovoruša, sikteruša are just some of the types of coffee that you can drink in Sarajevo, and in large quantities. On Bascarsija you can find the only coffee pestler in this part of the world whose daily action attracts visitors.

Sarajevans purchase fresh food every day. You can not skip visiting the Markale market the most beautiful city market, when visiting Sarajevo. Have a walk through the City Market on the Ferhadija street. The custom is to sample food without any obligation to buy. The market offers a wide selection of local cheeses, such as Travnik or Livno cheese, and meat products. Sellers will be more than happy to praise the quality of their products. If you prefer others to cook for you then Sarajevo is the place where your taste buds will surely enjoy. Ten in a half with onions you must first try. We recommend you to visit cevabdzinicas Željo or Petica. Aščinicas are the perfect place if you want to try traditional Bosnian cuisine. Dolmas, pies, small kebabs... are dishes that you must try in national restaurants like „At Hadžibajrić's“, „Old town“ or „ASDŽ“. The culinary delights of traditional Bosnian and international cuisine you will enjoy in restaurants Kibe, Tavola, Port Sarajevo, Grandma's kitchen or 4 rooms of mrs. Safija. Sarajevo teahouse "Franz & Sophie" are among the top 10 in the world, so it should be found on the map of your traveling through Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Film Festival

Nine days of the festival is the time when the city is breathing differently and lives 24 hours a day. Movie magic that let in Sarajevo the biggest movie stars of today. If you want to feel a touch of this atmosphere and to watch a movie with 2,500 people under the stars visit the Sarajevo Film Festival from 16th to 24 August 2013. The movie stars who visited the city, except impressions they have on natural beauty of the country, usually wear also the jewelry that tell the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Replicas of jewelery from the National Museum in execution of Sofić goldsmiths were worn by Queen Rania, Angelina Jolie, Jeremy Irons ...

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