Herzegovina – the excursion pearl in the hinderland of the Adriatic

By revenue from the city tax, Herzegovina achieves in average 100,000 overnight stays per year. Located in the hinterland of the southern Adriatic, with numerous and varied amenities Herzegovina looks like a real pearl for weekend tourism.

Paulina from Poland, lives in Vehrovu near Gdansk and she has been in Mostar for sightseeing tour. "We were in Mostar for eight days," she says. "We were in Croatia and we came to Mostar by car. I really liked Mostar, it's a very old and beautiful city. We also visited Medjugorje. "

Tourists from Dubrovnik and Makarska Riviera can be in Mostar after only an hour or hour and a half drive by car, where they can walk across the old bridge and feel the heartbeat of the old town, enjoy rafting on the Neretva or Trebižat rivers, visit the ancient Počitelj, Blagaj and walls of the old Roman Mogorjelo city, enjoy the nature park Hutovo blato, or Kravice waterfalls, visit the world famous place of pilgrimage Medjugorje or Herzegovina ethno village. Džano Brković the owner of one of the many souvenir shops in Kujundžiluk street that leads to the Old Bridge says that in Mostar tourists come from all over the world, even from Brazil. A spokesman of the City Administration of Mostar mr. Miroslav Landeka, says that UNESCO recently approved the continuation of construction of the Hotel Rose, which was stopped because the hotel was ruining the old town of Mostar with its appearance, which is part of the World Heritage Sites. Although UNESCO has previously demanded to demolish the top two floors of the hotel, now they dropped this idea and ordered to do some modifications on the facade of the hotel. "The obstacles are removed, and what follows is that the investor will restart the construction site of Hotel Rose. We hope that this will enrich tourism, primarily accommodation offer of Mostar, because the fact is that Mostar doesn’t have enough accommodation capacity. We talk about a number of 700 beds which is not anywhere near enough", says Landeka. With Rose hotel, Mostar will soon be richer with the opening of another modern hotel in Mepas mall shopping mall, which will increase the accommodation capacity for additional 160 rooms. Reconstruction of hotel Neretva is being expected and the city government is planning to start an international competition to find investors, for a ruined building in the Old town to convert it into a hotel and a business complex.

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