Thorny path for rural tourism in BiH

A part of the family household in the village Osojnica around Doboj Milenko Mitrovic, has adapted two years ago, to be able to provide services in rural tourism. In addition to accommodation, the guests can try the local food and drink.

"I have all the homemade products - milk, cheese, cream, meat, vegetables, fruit. We prepare it all by ourselves. These are the initial steps and it's a bumpy road. But I believe in it and I believe that this job has perspective. It's for sure a good business for future generations. I have already had guests from Croatia, Italy - from Bologna, from Hungary, from Sarajevo and Gradiska, not in a large number tough.", says mr. Mitrovic.

BiH has all the basics for the development of rural tourism. Mr. Rado Đurđević from the Tourism Association of the Doboj municipality, said that 5 families on the slopes of Ozren mountain have been trained to provide services in rural tourism. "I think it's very important that households that are included and that are the initiators of these activities gain economic, financial input in order to be an example for all the others”, mr. Đurđević said.

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